Maintenance and repair > releasing and antiseize agents
Name Description How supplied Download
hebro®synt 20 Special releasing agent for laser-cutting. Prevents burn-off adhering to the material. Does not impair follow-up processing. x pdf pdf
hebro®weld spatter release 2-chamber spray can. Releasing agent for all welding jobs. x pdf pdf
Hexa special Silicone-based releasing and antiseize agent. Reliably prevents glue, ink and paint sticking. x pdf pdf
hebro®split WS High-quality silicone, halogen and PCB free releasing agent with very good releasing and sliding effects for tools & dies and moulds in thermoplastics processing x pdf pdf
Oplax WL Silicone-free special releasing agent for all welding jobs, prevents weld beads adhering x pdf pdf
Tefdax Teflon-based drying, lubricating and releasing agent for durable lubrication x pdf pdf

A: Aerosol can
L: Loose
TS: Technical specifications
SDS: Safety data sheet