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Name Description How supplied Download
DUPLI COLOR line marker spray High-quality marking spray for various substrates, available in two colours: white and yellow x  
DUPLI COLOR metal primer Primer spray with particularly good filling properties. Smooths off irregularities, an ideal base for subsequent painting x  
hebro®airtronic Cleaning spray that leaves no residues, uses compressed air, for blasting out fine mechanisms, devices and switches (e.g. in the field of electronics) x   pdf pdf
hebro®biofresh Special product to combat unpleasant odours in pipe systems, waste water systems, pump sumps, ensures long-lasting fragrance, prevents the generation of smelly hydrogen sulphide   x pdf pdf
hebro®rub Universally applicable dirt eraser. Noticeably boosts the cleaning effect when used with hebro® cleaners on many different surfaces   x
hebro®smell 85-132 Concentrated substances to combat and neutralise odours by deposition   x pdf pdf
Klebchem Universal adhesive for use in all industrial applications, short hardening time and high adhesive strength   x
Lexin Protective coating for many surfaces. Prevents posters etc. being stuck to surfaces or facilitates their removal.   x
Oil absorbent 80-134 Coarse oil absorbent for traffic surfaces. Absorbs oil and other fluids without forming lumps or generating dust.   x
Oil absorbent 84-135 Fine-grained oil absorbent for applications inside factory premises. Reliably fixes and absorbs oil and other fluids.   x
PY-S 2000 F Highly effective biological insecticide. Non-hazardous to humans and mammals.   x
Slidex eisfrei Environmentally-friendly grit for black ice and slippery walkways. Works instantly and delays refreezing.   x
Zincshield Zinc coating spray as rust and corrosion inhibitor indoors and outdoors. Provides durable protective coating. x  
Zincshield hell Repair spray for damaged hot-dip galvanised surfaces with good surface adhesion and good corrosion protection x  


A: Aerosol can
L: Loose
x*: Non-woven
TS: Technical specifications
SDS: Safety data sheet