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Eye and wound cleaner Sterile wound cleansing in a multi-use aersol can pdf pdf
derma care (1) * Barrier cream for application before work starts, long lasting, contains special care substances, also suitable for sensitive skin pdf pdf
derma sil (2) * Hand cleaning paste, double action: good dirt removal with simultaneous moisturising effect pdf pdf
derma gel plus Slightly viscous, disinfectant skin protection gel. Also suitable for workers who wear gloves. pdf pdf
derma fluid (2) * Mild, skin-friendly soap lotion with pleasant scent and well-balanced moisturising system pdf pdf
derma fluid plus (2) * Mild, hygienic hand washing and decontaminating agent pdf pdf
derma lind (3) * Skin care product with high-quality ingredients and care substances, reinforces the skin's immune system pdf pdf
derma hand cleaner creme Hand cleaning creme paste, double action, powerful dirt remover with simultaneous moisturising effect pdf pdf
hebroderm-Set 2000 Convenient combination of skin protection (derma care), hand cleaner (derma sil) and skin care (derma lind) pdf pdf
hebroderm special Kind to the skin hand cleaner to remove paints and lacquers, also suitable for removing stubborn, dried paints pdf pdf
hebrosafety Dermatological hand and skin protection foam, sure protection against liquids pdf pdf
Lanolid Paste Kind to the skin paste hand cleaning product. Removes even the toughest oil and grease used in industrial environments pdf pdf

TS: Technical specifications
SDS: Safety data sheet
*: Easily integrated in legally prescribed skin care measures.