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Name Description How supplied Download
Airtronic Cleaning spray that leaves no residues, uses compressed air, for blasting out fine mechanisms, devices and switches (e.g. in the field of electronics) x   pdf pdf
Broxol Special-purpose cleaner for severe oil and grease contamination on concrete and screed surfaces, can be diluted with water, dissolves and degrades oil and grease   x pdf pdf
Colorex 1570 High-performance paint stripper for various different paint and powder coats, in particular suitable for aluminium components   x pdf pdf
Colorex 2717 Ready-to-use high-performance cold paint stripper for removing paint and powder coats from steel parts   x pdf pdf
Colorex Bad High-performance, water dilutable, temperable, cold paint stripper for removing paints from steel parts   x pdf pdf
Paint stripper, special, chlorine-free Cold paint stripper and seal solvent, removes all standard paints, removes residues of seals on flanges and lids x   pdf pdf
hebro®sol 86-119 Cleaner for removing plastic and paint residues from injection moulds, for removing glues, tar and asphalt x x pdf pdf
hebro®mold FS Highly active cleaner for tools & dies and moulds in the plastics industry x   pdf pdf
hebro®smell 85-132 Concentrated substances to combat and neutralise odours by deposition   x pdf pdf
hebro®biofresh Special product to combat unpleasant odours in pipe systems, waste water systems, pump sumps, ensures durable pleasant effect, prevents the generation of smelly hydrogen sulphide   x pdf pdf
hebro®sol A Fast-acting degreaser, also suitable for electrical and electronic components x x pdf pdf

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L: Loose
TS: Technical specifications
SDS: Safety data sheet