Unternehmen Geschichte

Our history.
hebro chemie's history of success.

The history of hebro chemie is one of change blended with growth. Since the company was founded in 1976, many things have changed. What has not changed is our commitment to promoting the advancement of the business. Which is why we face the future with confidence, while maintaining respect towards our traditions.

At the beginning, hebro chemie was purely a trading company dealing in specialist chemical products. With great determination, efforts were made to win over not only large customers but specifically medium-sized and small enterprises, active in a number of different fields of industry, the trades and the services sector.

These companies were mainly supplied with lubricants for service and maintenance work and for industrial cleaning. After this, numerous other strong business areas were established.
Partly through a number of our own products developed in-house, hebro chemie soon became a recognised specialist supplier of premium chemical products, including many products related to paint detackifiers and cutting fluids. At the same time, the company was able to expand its capabilities in consulting and service.

Rapid development of the business in the 1970s and 80s led to the facility on Oppelner Strasse in Mönchengladbach becoming far too small. As a result, an extension to the building was added in 1984 to ease the situation. However, by 1990, even this extended facility was becoming too restrictive, and so the existing building was extended yet again by another section. The extension of the administration building in 2009 and the construction of a new chemicals warehouse with 2000 storage compartments in 2010 were the last construction additions to date that reflected the expansion of the company's success.

The many products developed in our own laboratories have served to cement our excellent reputation as an innovator in this industry.
These products avoid nearly all the negative effects found in conventional applications.