Additional brand products

Our Fauch brand.

Heating boilers are of many different types and have diverse capacities and outputs, and can malfunction for any
number of reasons and a multitude of causes. The tried-and-tested products sold under the name Fauch actively
work towards preventing such interruptions.

Fauch products are used in connection with:

  • Heating boilers
  • Oil fired boilers
  • Gas fired heating systems
Additional special-purpose products such as leakage testing sprays for localising leaks in gas pipes and
a filler system for repressurising expansion vessels when they lose pressure are also included in the Fauch product range.

Overview of Fauch products




Our Hivolin brand.

The Hivolin name stands for our range of high-performance products for coating electrical steel strip marketed under the Sinullin® brand. These products are patented special-purpose products for all types of coatings on electrical steel strip. They are permitted for all types and sizes of motors, like motors for railway locomotives and large-scale machines and for transformers. They are the best technology available on the market for insulation purposes
in the electrical industry.

The Name Mollco stands for corrosion inhibiting products for the food processing industry under the renowned hebro®MOSOL and Neutraclean® names. The products in the hebro®MOSOL series have been specially developed as water conditioners and corrosion inhibitors for the food processing industry. These products are used in autoclaves, sterilisers and pasteurising installations of all types. They provide ideal corrosion protection for installations and have been designed not to have any negative effects on the foodstuffs inside. Using hebro®MOSOL products, high-quality foodstuffs of all kinds can be manufactured as preserves in jars, plastic and aluminium containers in such a way that customers and consumers are provided with optimum results. The products in the Neutraclean® series, which brings together all the cleaning agents for use in food-processing environments, complement this outstanding range of products.

Overview Hivolin products

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Our ZTS brand.

For over 30 years, ZTS-Chemie GmbH was famous for its traditional approach to manufacturing metal working fluids and products for drop-forging, and for the production of agents for cleaning and disinfecting mobile lavatories. The objective of setting up and maintaining long-term business relations with satisfied customers as eye-to-eye partners is being continued now by hebro chemie in the trusted fashion. The sanitary concentrate products in the ZETACLEAN series, with their rapid-action, refreshing scent and powerful, impenetrable dark blue colour and the drop-forge products and drop-forge releasing agents in the ZETATHERM series, designed to prolong the lifetimes of drop-forge tools & dies and protect the tool bases thanks to their unique formula, are still provided in the high quality you have come to expect.


Brand products made by Ashland

Since 2003, there has been close cooperation between hebro chemie and the Environmental and Process Solutions division of Ashland Deutschland GmbH for supplying and supporting customers with special-purpose products for many different industrial applications.
The Praestol®, Polystabil®, Antispumin® and Oilbreak® brand names stand for a range that covers many high-performance products from a nunber of different fields:

Industrial water treatment (Praestol®):

The name Praestol® includes organic, synthetic, high-molecular and water-soluble polyelectrolytes that are universally found wherever it is necessary effectively to separate solids from fluids.
This means, in general, purifying liquids by precipitating all suspended solids out of the water phase. These flocculants come into their own for purifying waste water of all kinds, like when reprocessing and purging industrial process and circulation water or decontaminating unprocessed and surface water for collecting industrial quality water supplies. Praestol® flocculation aids accelerate the sedimentation and flotation of suspended solid particles and contribute in a decisive manner to an improvement of the concentrated sludge.

Scale inhibitors (Polystabil®):

In many technical installations through which large quantities of water are pumped, scale,
be it from limescale, phosphate deposits or rust, is a severe problem. The onset of scale usually
automatically means a corresponding reduction in the efficiency of the installation, which,
in turn, can lead to considerable increases in the running costs of the installation.
By using Polystabil® scale inhibitors, operators can reduce or even drastically cut the build-up
of such scale. This results in a reduction in overheads and improves general reliability
of the machinery.

Defoaming agents (Antispumin®):

Brought together under the Antispumin® brand name are numerous defoaming and deaerating agents that are for use in connection with all manner of water treatment.
Wherever foam is created, the corresponding hebro products can be used.

Emulsion separator and flotation aid (Oilbreak®):

Reprocessing waste water containing oil, grease and solids is a severe problem in all industrial environments. The oils contained in the water either form an emulsion or are present as finely distributed droplets. Many of these emulsions are formed during work processes either deliberately or as accidental by-products and cause problems during subsequent waste water treatment. To solve this particular problem, we developed our Oilbreak products.
This product is a very effective organic emulsion separator that can be used to purify organically contaminated waste water without having to add metal salts.

In addition, this range of products includes surfactant products sold under the brand name
Intrasol® as part of a cooperation agreement and the specialist oils in the Monopol® series.