Waste water treatment using hebro products

Waste water is created in numerous production environments and this waste is not allowed to be disposed in public sewage systems until it has been appropriately treated. Furthermore, reuse of mains water (for rinsing, for example) is only possible after it has been treated.

hebro chemie offers specially developed flocculants to separate dirt particles from water.
Typical applications for these products are in connection with waste water from paintshop applications and rinsing water from glue and adhesive applicators.  In a water wash paint spraying environment, the water is contaminated with particles of paint. There are a number
of ways of removing them from the water. As well as detackification followed by discharge,
there is the possibility to flocculate the contamination particles.
Machines used for applying glue are cleaned with water. The water thus contaminated with glue can be treated by flocculation to enable it to be returned to a reusable state so that it can be recirculated through the machine.


Overview of hebro waste water treatments